Clinton Township Construction Code Enforcement


We serve the community by enforcing the state adopted model construction codes for the health, safety, and welfare of the public and/or the intended occupants of all buildings and structures.

The Construction Code Enforcement Office is located on the 1st floor of the Municipal Building, 1225 Route 31 South, Building D, Lebanon. The office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

The employees in this office are:

Title Name Telephone
Technical Assistant Terri Howell (908) 735-8800 x258
Technical Assistant Erica Charters (908) 735-8800 x252
To schedule an inspection regarding any of the subcodes (908) 735-8800 Option 3
Construction Official Michael Wright (908) 735-8800 x256
Inspectors/Sub-Code Officials:
Building Michael Wright (908) 735-8800 x256
Plumbing Hans Warnebold (908) 735-8800 x255
Electrical Michael Wright (908) 735-8800 x256
Electrical Joe Rossi (908) 735-8800 x253
Fire Michael Wright (908) 735-8800 x256
To schedule an inspection regarding any of the subcodes (908) 735-8800 Option 3
Fax Number (908) 735-7346

When do you need a permit?

Clinton Township Construction Helpful Information and Guidelines

Current New Jersey Adopted Codes

Department of Community Affairs (DCA) - OPRA Information

Division of Codes and Standards - Forms, New Building, Construction Permits, Rehab Code

NJ Department of Environmental Protection - Water Quality, Wells, Stormwater

A permit is required for construction, enlargement, repair, renovation, alteration, reconstruction, or demolition of a structure. It is also required if the Use (as classified under the building subcode) in whole or in part of a structure is changed. When any mechanical equipment, which is regulated by the above mentioned model codes, is removed, relocated, or installed a permit is required. The exception to this is a category of work the regulations refer to as Ordinary Maintenance.

Ordinary Maintenance is defined in the regulations the following way;

N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.7 Ordinary Maintenance

  1. Ordinary maintenance to structures may be made without filing a permit application with or giving notice to the Construction Official.
  2. Such maintenance shall not include any of the following:
    1. The cutting away of any wall, partitions, or portion thereof;
    2. The removal or cutting of any of any structural beam or bearing support;
    3. The removal or change of any required means of egress, or rearrangement of parts of a structure affecting the exitway requirements;
    4. Any work affecting structural or fire safety;
    5. Any work that will increase the nonconformity of a building or structure with the requirements of the regulations;
    6. Addition to, or alteration, replacement or relocation of:
      1. Any standpipe;
      2. Water supply, sewer, drainage, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping;
      3. Electrical wiring, other than wiring for a low voltage communications system in a one or two family dwelling; or
      4. Mechanical or other work affecting public health or general safety; or
    7. Any work undertaken for the purpose of lead abatement.
As may be obvious, work other than minor maintenance items will require a permit. You may always check with our office if in doubt.

You must first make application for permit, have your application reviewed and approved, pay for the approved permit, and allow it to be processed and released before you begin the work. There are exceptions to this but they involve certain emergency work or specific work of a very minor nature. Check with this office if your project may begin prior to a permit application. Our office will review your application as soon as possible after all prior approvals (i.e. Zoning, Engineering, etc.) have been met. The applicant is responsible for having met all prior approvals.

A permit application requires the submission of various state forms, along with plans and/or specifications detailing the work to be performed. Work of a very minor nature may not require plans and/or specifications, at the discretion of the appropriate Subcode Official. If the information supplied is incomplete in any way, you or your agent will be notified by our office of the deficiencies and explained the nature of any problems. Please keep in mind that we are limited by the regulations both administratively and technically. As such, we can not provide you with information that should come from an architect or professional engineer.

The aforementioned state forms are available to you at our office. We are located on the second floor of the municipal building at 1370 Rt. 31 North. Any staff member will provide you with the appropriate forms required for your project and answer any question you may have regarding the filing of them. The State of New Jersey is also in the process of providing these same forms on-line with electronic submission to the appropriate town, however there is no date for completion of that web site.

All of us are ready to assist you in any way to make this process easy. Please do not hesitate to call upon us.

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