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The Clinton Township Organic Community Garden has had a successful first year!  There are some spaces/plots available for next year, 2012.  Those interested should contact Councilman Vos at

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The Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety and Health Services announced that a dedicated FACEBOOK page is available as another venue for citizens to be informed.

“We have many goals and one is to keep our citizens informed of events and emergencies as quickly as possible with as many avenues available to ensure redundancy.” said Brayden Fahey, emergency management coordinator. “When it comes to communications, dissemination of accurate information is vital.”

The County is in the process of implementing various methods of communicating with residents. In addition to social media, the department also utilizes a reverse 911 product that can notify residents via home phone, cell phone, text messaging and email.

Additionally, residents with special needs can register at

“The addition of social media adds depth to the services we provide.” Said George F. Wagner, director of public safety. “We need to keep our residents informed as effectively and efficiently as possible especially during emergency events where time is of the essence.”

To learn more about the county’s Department of Public Safety and Health Services see
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DPW will open for brush drop off beginning Saturday, April 14, from 8-3.  Thereafter, DPW will be open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 8-3 through Saturday, November 10.  Residents who have not disposed of Christmas Trees may bring those to DPW as well.  Residents are reminded two free pick-up truck sized loads of brush are allowed each year, with brush tickets being available in the Clerk's office for $10. 00 each after that. 

Additionally, postcards entitling residents to one free pick-up load of bulky household waste to be taken to the Petticoat Lane transfer station are available by calling the Clerk's Office at 735-8800 x 200.

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Click here for more information.

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More than once every year, a number of county residents are referred by their physicians for a series of injections to protect against possible rabies infection after getting involved with a rabid or suspect rabid animal.  Regrettably, many of these treatments could have been avoided if the person just took some simple precautions.  While avoiding a bite from an aggressive wild or domestic animal might not always be possible, chances are good that avoiding a “non-bite” exposure is much more achievable with a little knowledge.  What’s a “non-bite” exposure, you ask?   Simply put, it is the contamination of any open wound, mucous membrane (think: nose, mouth, and eye) or scratch with potentially infectious material (think: saliva from a rabid animal). 

Here’s an all too common scenario:
A dog being walked through the woods tangles with a raccoon (or a skunk, fox, woodchuck, etc.).  The fight ends and the owner calls her dog back to her side.  She then runs her fingers through the fur of her pet, examining carefully to see if it has suffered any bites or other wounds.  The owner has now had direct physical contact with potentially infectious saliva from the wild animal.  Maybe she has a small cut or scratch on her hand.  Or, she unknowingly touches her eyes, nose or mouth with the hand that just combed through her dog’s fur.

The following day — while reviewing the incident with her veterinarian, animal control officer, or the county health department —the possibility of her having had a non-bite exposure is raised.  She can’t recall all the details.  Fearing the worst, she contacts her physician who immediately directs her to the Hunterdon Medical Center ER where she begins a series of vaccine injections to protect her.

But consider if she knew this before her experience:
Potentially infected saliva is inactivated after it has air dried.  Had she waited long enough for any wet saliva to air dry prior to examining her pet, she would have removed all worry.  Better yet, the best option is to put on a pair of gloves prior to examining a pet, and then placing the gloves aside so they can air dry.  Either way, eliminating potential exposure means eliminating any need for post-exposure treatment.

But in those cases were treatment is necessary it also helps to know the truth.  Indeed, there are a lot of misconceptions about the process of getting rabies injections. Yet, that process is not that terrifying.  Rabies post-exposure vaccinations comprise a dose of human rabies immune globulin and four doses of rabies vaccine given on the day of the exposure, and then again on days 3, 7, and 14. The vaccine is given in a muscle, usually in the upper arm. This set of vaccinations is highly effective at preventing rabies if given as soon as possible following an exposure.

Rabies might be dangerous, and clearly, it is present in Hunterdon County. However, knowing the facts can go a long way in reducing anxieties and risks.

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While Clinton Township does not currently provide curbside pick-up of recycles, recycling is mandatory for all residents.  You can choose to contract with a trash hauler who provides this service or you may opt to transport your recyclables to the County Transfer Station yourself.
The recycling facilities at the County Transfer Station, located on Petticoat Lane, accommodate “single stream,” i.e., co-mingled recycle materials.  Residents and collectors who utilize the Transfer Station are no longer required to separate recycled materials.  At the same time, the types of materials accepted have also been expanded.  Acceptable materials now include cardboard, newspaper, junk mail, office paper, chipboard (e.g. cereal boxes), brown paper bags, phone books, paperback and hard covered books, narrow neck plastic bottles numbered 1-7,  aluminum beverage cans, tin/bi-metal cans and food and beverage glass bottles and jars.  There is also a separate container for dry cell batteries.  More details are provided on the County’s website at
Hunterdon County is currently waiting for the State DEP to approve its amended Solid Waste Management Plan.  The amended plan will bring about changes in how recycle materials are monitored, processed and managed in the township.  Stay tuned!

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It's summer, the time when garage sales abound, festivals and carnivals are held, and special events are plentiful.

In advertising these events, residents and businesses should know the Township adopted a sign ordinance in May of 2008, which restricts many types of signs and their uses.

A brief description of some of the restrictions follows. Please contact the Zoning Officer, Michael Wright, at 908-735-8800, x 256 with questions regarding permits and fees.

•  Garage sales One temporary garage-yard sale sign may be displayed, not to exceed four square feet in sign area and three feet in height. These signs must be set back from any lot line by at least five feet and may not be displayed for a period longer than three days twice a year. Garage sale signs do not require a permit or a fee.

•  Election signs may be placed at any time before an election and must be removed within seven calendar days following the election to which it pertains. One election sign may be placed on each parcel, and shall not exceed four square feet if located in a residential district.

•  Real Estate signs One temporary real estate sign may be displayed on each parcel of land that is for sale, lease or rent, and shall be set back from any lot line by at least five feet and must be removed within seven calendar days of the closing of the real estate that was for sale.

•  Special Event signs temporary on private property These signs shall be permitted in all districts provided they have been approved by the Zoning Officer. These signs shall not exceed 24 square feet in sign area and 6 feet in height. They shall not be placed any earlier than three weeks before the event and must be removed with two business days after.

•  Contractor signs may be four square feet in size and must be removed within seven days of the work being completed.

•  Please keep in mind that State Law prohibits the placing of any sign along State highways (Route 22 and 31) and on utility poles.


Please call the Township offices before placing your signs.

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Click here for a list of roads to be improved over the next five years.

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More information on the Clinton Township Affordable Housing Plan can be viewed here. There are also images of the proposed site here, here, and here.

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At various times throughout the year, Clinton Township may have opening on various Boards, Committees and Commissions.  These include:

Open Space Committee, Environmental Commission, Recreation Advisory Committee, Board of Health, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and Sewer Authority. 

If interested in serving, or if you would like more information, please email Marvin Joss, Administrator at


The Clinton Township Environmental Commission is seeking members committed to protecting the natural resources of our Township. Prospective members should have experience in the environmental field with knowledge of NJ land use regulations a plus. All levels of expertises are welcome. Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM. Some additional meetings may be required. If interested, please submit a letter of interest and a resume to Debbie Newcomb, Environmental Commission Secretary, 1371 Highway 31, Annandale, NJ 08801. All members are appointed by the mayor.

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The Recreation Department is looking for volunteers. For more information, please email the Recreation Director, Tom Silvia.

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As part of a public-education campaign, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have outlined steps to help residents learn more about living safely near black bears. More information can be found here.

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The State has established to provide citizens with important information and news related to homeland security.

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